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Achieve your business objectives with custom software development for mobile, web or enterprise.

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Our Services

Mobile App Development

Write once, run anywhere. We develop apps that run on Android, iOS, and web browsers using a common code-base and open-source frameworks, removing the cost of developing separate apps for each platform.

Web App Development

Our user-centric approach and responsive design principles with a focus on high performance, creates a user experience to meet your business needs.

End to End Business Solution Design

We offer end to end solution architecture, and carefully analyse your business requirements, provide advice on technology adoption, and develop responsive UX/UI.

Strategic Roadmaps

We work with you to develop a clear road map for your IT needs that ensures your tools can be extended and integrated over time.

Hosting and Support Services

We offer cloud-based hosting, or alternatively, we can support the deployment of solutions into your environment. 


Our Approach

Exceptional solutions

Great solutions don’t just require great tech - they require a deep understanding of the problem, the client and the industry. We achieve all three.

We deliver on our promises

With our Agile delivery approach, you’ll know what is happening at every step - no surprises. We focus on getting working software in your hands as soon as possible.

Client service with a difference

We take the time to listen to your needs and develop a deep understanding of your business. We then work with you to deliver the most appropriate solution.

People we work with

Partnering for success

When you work with us, you’re not just another client – in fact we consider you a part of the team. We’ll collaborate with you and you can be sure that project delivery is on your terms.


What our clients say


Our project team and stakeholders are really pleased with how the website and map has turned out. It looks great, functions well, and has drawn praise ranging from front line staff up to our executive. The website and these documents look terrific and will be a really useful resource for a range of forums.

Peter Parbery

Manager, Social Research Team, Agriculture Industry Rural Transition, DJPR

Lapis were able to deliver an innovative spatial solution that met the specialist needs of various government and non government users, leveraging off the functionality they built with the successful Vicmap Viewer. Vicmap Topographic Mapping Online, alongside Vicmap Viewer, now provides a powerful mapping tool to help facilitate decision making across all user sectors.

George Mifsud

Team Leader, Vicmap Foundation Mapping, Vicmap Data Services at DELWP - Local Infrastructure - Land Use Victoria

Working with the team at Lapis, we’ve found the quality of our relationships, the application build and the reporting between us to be absolutely brilliant.  They can give you a highly qualified, unbiased view of a potential budget and timing. We have really enjoyed our time working with Lapis and the resulting app is brilliant.

Dr Katherine King

Chief Operating Officer, Yarris

The response from Sightings Network observers about WhaleReport has been overwhelmingly positive. Compared to other methods of reporting, observers are saying WhaleReport is by far the quickest and easiest way to report, and they love seeing the sightings they’ve submitted on the personalized map. The ease of reporting has re-engaged many observer groups, such as Parks Canada and some ecotourism operators that found recording sightings via other methods too tedious.

Tessa Danalesko

Project Coordinator, Vancouver Aquarium

Yesterday I received a call from a sea urchin diver who is the first fisher to use the app in production. He phoned me just to say how pleased he was with his first experience. To quote the diver, he said “The app worked like a dream”. He said it is very easy and quick to use and he is excited to use it again.

Candice Harwood

Senior Licensing Officer, Victorian Fisheries Authority

The team of developers at Lapis delivered a modern, functional and successful mobile app that has bridged the gap between the office and field staff increasing work efficiency.

Matthew Brodie

GIS specialist, Australia Rail Track Corporation

When it came to marrying technology to the simple needs of both the community and government, the team was able to work with us to develop our App and website under tight timeframes and deliver a fantastic pair of products. Their ability to work with us, take our needs and come up with innovative approaches and make it happen was the primary reason we were able to deliver the products to the satisfaction of the NSW government.

Bruce Cooper

Deputy Commissioner, Water Resources Assessment & Management, NSW Office of Water

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