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We have a highly-skilled, creative, technical team - and we’re proud of it. We are experts in latest JavaScripts frameworks for front-end such as Angular and IONIC, backend technologies such as NodeJS, Java, Kotlin and NestJS. We combine this expertise with DevSecOPS, the power of cloud and best of breed thrid party services to create amazing solutions for our clients.

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Mastering functional programming with Ramda Part 1: Why ‘both’ instead of ‘and’ Imab Asghar・Nov 6, 2020 Read more... Searching through a list reactively in Angular Imab Asghar・Nov 6, 2020 Read more... Lazy load modals with Angular! Parham・Oct 19, 2020 Read more... Adapting Monorepo with Nx + Ionic + Nest + AWS Serverless + Gitlab CI Hiroki Gota・Oct 7, 2020 Read more... Handling Success/Failure/Loading when calling an API with Angular and ngrx Imab Asghar・Oct 6, 2020 Read more... Dynamic Rich Content Preview for URL with Angular Prerender Imab Asghar・Sep 28, 2020 Read more... Improve visibility of the system status Parham・Sep 15, 2020 Read more... Reduce if/else using RxJS Parham・Sep 15, 2020 Read more... Stepping into Automation with Katalon Jack Gittins・Jun 23, 2020 Read more... Migrating from Jenkins to GitLab CI : DSL side by side Hiroki Gota・Jan 3, 2020 Read more...

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