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Collaborative, Agile Development.

Get the most out of your investment with our agile development process. Let us work with you at every stage of development to ensure your final solution is the best fit.

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Our agile framework

Our agile framework is a combination of Scrum and Kanban. Kanban principles underpin our scrum framework which means our developers have a sharp focus on finishing tasks before starting others, and limiting work in progress for fast and efficient results.


Key aspects

Highlights of our process


We manage and monitor progress via stand-up meetings with clients every 2 days. This creates a shorter feedback loop to create an amazing product.


Our clients have full access to all project artefacts from day one, including project backlog (JIRA), technical documentation, and online project status reports.

Budget Control

You have full visibility of budget spent via online Project Status Dashboard, including budget burn-down vs features, feature delivery matrix, and a full review of project at the end of the sprint.

Our Quality Assurance Philosophy

Quality Assurance


As the whole team is involved from Story Grooming Sessions to the delivery of the feature, we focus on building the right feature the first time

We follow an agile testing methodology. This means that the whole team is responsible for the quality of the product including Business Analyst, Developers and Testers.

We focus on Testing throughout vs Testing at the end; Preventing bugs over finding bugs; Testing understanding over checking functionality; Building the best system over breaking the system   

The team works closely to collaborate on feature build with developers showcasing the work to the rest of the team while in development to ensure that they are building the right Product

Requirements Gathering

User Story Grooming Sessions

We take a ‘just in time’ requirements clarification approach to product backlog. This means that the user stories that are selected for the upcoming sprints are groomed first and must be ready for the development to start

user stories

You have visibility

Project Status Dashboard

The project Status Dashboard starts with an overview with an overall project status including a budget burn-down to give status on the health of the project. The burn-down chart represents the features delivered against the budget. The team can use this information to make informed decisions on priorities

status dashboard

Hear from the team

Agile Blogs and Insights

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